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Asteroid Day 2018 will kick off on February 15 with a high-level Google Hangout hosted on the Asteroid Day website (asteroidday.org/2018-kickoff). Host Scott Manley, Astronogamer and asteroid expert, will be joined by Dr. Ed Lu, Director of the B612 Asteroid Institute; Planetary Scientist and Astronaut Dr. Tom Jones; Physicist Dr. Mark Boslough; Debbie Lewis, a specialist in risk, crisis and disaster management; Ian Carnelli, an asteroid mission expert at the European Space Agency (ESA); Dr. Rüdiger Jehn, from ESA’s near-Earth object survey team, and Danica Remy, Asteroid Day co-founder. The expert panel will provide updates on asteroid-related research, public policy and detection and deflection missions, as well as additional information on Asteroid Day 2018 programs and participants.

You can ask questions during the Hangout using the Hashtag #AsteroidDay2018 on Twitter or send them to [email protected]